Growing Better Lives

29th September: Charrow Mutney

 Spent some time thinking about the structure of our day, and how to manage it. Reflecting on this, the truth will out and following an agreement to contain check in and feedback from 10.15 to 11.30, with the option to extend if anyone feels the need for more time, at ‘blog time’ the consensus was not to change anything. Ho hum!! More discussion to come we thinks, as in any therapeutic environment.

Our visitor, Sarah, who joined us last week, posted us a gift of a beautiful scented candle, for which we thank her very much.

imag0184We made Charrow Mutney from our own allotment, marrow, onion, garlic, apples, ginger, Dijon mustard, sultanas, brown sugar, vinegar and pepper corns. Felt good to be preserving autumnal produce. Looking forward to tasting it when it has matured for a few weeks.


Shed arrived with a million screws, sent an email to Vodafone who have kindly offered to have a team away day, to clear the space for the shed and possibly start to erect it. Looking forward to sharing a day with them.

Pasta and homemade tomato sauce for lunch, and egg mayo rolls.29-09-2016_2

We’ve had 2 extra visitors today, legs have been increased by 8!! Lynda brought her 2 small loveable mongrels, Poppy and Grace. It was hard for Hils not to squeeze them tight. Sharon has a new pacman frog called Smiler, and is planning to being her 5′ royal python and 6′ corn snake in to meet us soon. Talk about animal assisted intervention.