Growing Better Lives

28th April: Greencare tlc

2016-04-28_IMG_0732Great to see Sharon back from her operation, and looking so well. She made it through until early afternoon with a little Greencare tlc. Discussion ranged from understanding and acceptance of ourselves, allowing anxiety to just be without judgement, makes us feel better. We often judge ourselves which exacerbates the feeling. Also discussed black and white thinking, how we fluctuate between desiring to be angelic or demonic.

Planted out our chitted potatoes in the tyre stacks, sowed red hot chilli peppers, sweet corn and tomatoes, pricked out chard. Continuously weeding preparing the beds for planting. Hils skived off to keep Sharon company, sat enjoying the late April sunshine.


Acknowledgement was a theme of the day; a couple of people have left recently, we miss them and want to acknowledge their departure so designed a Greencare notelet to send out.