Growing Better Lives

22nd September: A calamitous day

D22_9_2016-resized_20160922_125228ue to gridlocked traffic, Hils and Fiona arrived very late, so our visitor, Sarah, was warmly welcomed by other group members. Our other visitor was unfortunately involved in an accident on the M1. We wish Robert well. Our resident electrician (psychiatrist/prof) managed to fuse the whole centres electricity whilst mending the yurt lights. Hence we started check in late which was hard but worthwhile. Change can be painful, as the lobster found when he outgrew his shell which necessitated the shedding of he protective shell which had become too restrictive. Strength and growth emerging through vulnerability.

Tour around the site with Sarah, Sharon and Rex harvested wonderfully wonky carrots and a common or garden turnip to add to butternut squash soup. A splendid lunch, as ever, even though a watched pot never boils, making us even later.

Potted on Rex’s Roman loquats, sowed Chantenay carrots for over wintering. Finished off with chocolate cake to celebrate Sharon’s good news.

From calamity we found peace