Growing Better Lives

22nd December: Proper Chrimbo :-)

The day started with check-in: thinking a lot about Christmas and how it will be for us all. Also thinking of  people missing today. We thought that although Christmas would be different we’re getting the Christmas we want/need. We sat and made plans for the day, the yurt set in the background of a glorious clear sunny winters day. The day after the Solstice, the yurt set in a circle of trees which is accessible across the pond – or around it.

We went and prepared a buffet lunch whilst Rex and David we sent to make amends by buying bread and cheese as they had forgotten their lunch contribution, naughty little elves they are… We ate, drank and were merry.

A surprise – a wonderful Christmas message in a video from Santa especially for Sharon and she was delighted!

Then opening and enjoying our gifts from the secret Santa, followed by a fishing game tournament at which the ‘cheats’ did not prosper and Sharon was declared champion!


A day of fun, of friendship and very relaxing company. Proper Chrimbo!