Growing Better Lives

21st April: To sieve or not to sieve, that is the question

Good tIMG_0729o be back together again on this sunny day after a long break and a few absences. Relieved and reassured that Greencare will run regardless, and won’t be cancelled in future. Good to reconnect during check in.

Seedling war ensued; pricking out sunflowers, sowing chillies, peppers and marigolds, mutiny amongst the ranks when Fiona nonchalantly neglected to sieve compost on top of said seeds. After conscientiously sieving compost, Hils, behind the horticulturalists back, proceeded to unceremoniously dump the compost remains. It is to be ascertained whether sieving is prerequisite to healthy plants. All light hearted fun.

Planning how we can sell plants to create a bit of income.IMG_0727

Sharon’s chocolate cake enjoyed at tea time, an unlikely celebration of her snake head lily or fritillaries.