Growing Better Lives

20th October: Challenging day

Today showed Greencare at its best, amidst a deeply upsetting personal crisis for one of our group we held together as a group, processed through what was going on and found some clarity in the midst of overwhelming emotions. Forgotten memories were triggered, we paid attention to what we felt and thought about strategies to cope when difficult feelings arise, especially when alone with thoughts and feelings. How do we help ourselves to ‘be’ when alone? Discussed somatic body responses to emotions and how we all differ.

However, one coat painted on the seagrass and purple pansy shed, not too much paint on each other alas!! Hils was not playing ball. Looking good, reminds us of that satirical version of the infamous book, 50 sheds of grey.

Met the new site manager, Ruth, looking forward to working alongside her over the next few months.

Pasta and tomato sauce for lunch, lots of support given. Plenty of stuff happening between now and Christmas (65 days to go, says our resident Christmas fanatic), so keep looking in.