Growing Better Lives

17th November: Two shaded shed, padlock and Vodafone

Some arrived amused, some autumnal and some harries or upset, some irritable.

Vodafone were due on site to chare a corporate team building day, finishing the shed, starting a path and sharing in greencare fun and frivolities! Plus sharing very fine home baked Viennese whirls and wholesome cauliflower cheese for lunch.

01a86c0465facb5feb0f2382288633b0fa0795c28bQuick check in followed by prep for lunch  and painting pretty purple posts perfectly – a feat in the downpour.

Planted lavender, sage and rosemary, no time for thyme. Yet. Designed a path to the yurt, ideas spontaneously emerged as we collected recycled paving slabs. 0160ce60eeeb9045b6536ad1559556fb18942892c4Vodafone managed to get the roofing felt on the shed just before the luncheon downpour.

Lunch was a very social comforting meal, discussions ranged far and wide, a rich range of topics, greencare magic pervading the yurt as ever with strangers amongst friends who soon became no longer strangers. really great to meet kindred sprits and we thank them for being part of our day.018da2430af37fd5dd26d56d2d329243fdcae4ac65