Growing Better Lives

16th June: Supporting people, positives, negatives & laughter

Inside the cosy yurt, torrential rain outside, we started the day with a good and helpful check-in recognising ways we support others (and ourselves) – reflective but also lots of laughter! Bunny gate continues, we researched ways to overcome the rabbit nibbling problem and protect our precious sunflowers. ‘Rabbit guards’ were the answer but rather than just purchasing these the group have decided to design their own – to be made next week from used drinks bottles J

File 16-06-2016, 15 21 08While preparing torn strips of newspaper for compost fodder we designed and modelled hats in honour of Ladies Day at Ascot: Sharon’s crown won the day with outstanding design and construction.

In the afternoon we potted up the last of the seedlings and had a quick demonstration File 16-06-2016, 15 30 09on how to plant up a hanging basket. Experts Jason and Sharon produced the perfect basket and hung it over the boardwalk for all to enjoy.