Growing Better Lives

15th December : Festive creativity!

A day full of many emotions, grief, sadness, joy, pride, laughter.  We had joy discussing the Christmas party we shared with Embrace and other invited visitors.  Grief expressed about Sharon’s loss of a beloved Ed her bearded dragon, and people we love who are no longer with us.  We missed our friends who couldn’t attend Greencare today but we thought of them and wish them well.

 We planned our day which included, making table centres, crackers, tealight candle jars.  We had egg mayonnaise and baked baguettes and sweet potato wedges for lunch.  We enjoyed Christmas jelly which brought up happy childhood memories.

We went fishing: Hils didn’t win so alleged that Vanessa and Linda are shocking cheats!!!!!! Hum….

Making a Merry mess with glitter ribbon and glass paints, we produced some  fun Christmas decorations and crackers and beautiful table centres with greenery ‘obtained’ from the environment just outside the yurt.

Next week our own Christmas with our Greencare family 🙂