Growing Better Lives

12th January 2017:Welcome back to the yurt

 On a cold weather day that promised snow our first GreenCare group of 2017. Everyone glad to be back home 🙂

Starting with a lovely surprise two little visitors of the Canine variety who provide many cuddles and fun throughout the day.

Big relief to sit round the table and have our check in – lots to cover. Thought of those who weren’t here and who we miss. Lots of good reflection about moving on and how we don’t like change and uncertainty. The yurt was lovely and dry and welcoming us to a new year of Greencare but we had the sad task of taking down the Christmas decorations and clearing up the mess leaving the yurt looking a bit bare….


And our plans of getting stuff from our shed were thwarted by a padlock which did not respond to our secret code James! So have to resort to physical means of entry next week

An unhurried lunch made us contented and sleepy – just nice to be back together filling that little hole left from the holiday absence

Rain, more rain, and then the threat of snow. We checked out and journeyed home.