Growing Better Lives
  • Come and live in an ‘transformative environment’ for three days, in a beautiful organic farm study centre in Kent.

  • Learn about the power of group process in a safe and enjoyable way

  • Experience what goes into making any group or working environment genuinely therapeutic

  • Also find time to relax, be playful, have fun and recharge your batteries!

Our courses are for any who want to get a taste of the transformative power of relationships by experience, rather than just by hearing about it.  Click here for a flyer about LLEs

To find out about the upcoming Therapeutic and Environments Practitioner Training, click here.

***Due to the current outbreak of Covid-19 we have postponed all LLEs in 2020 but will be starting again in late 2021***

Statement of aims

Living-Learning Experiences is a partnership of experienced mental health professionals who provide carefully planned and structured training experiences to develop:

  • Reflective practice for those aiming to provide therapeutic environments
  • Advanced group facilitation skills for those working in therapeutic communities
  • A lived experience of sociotherapy for any mental health practitioners
  • Understanding of complex emotional dynamics accessible to all health workers
  • Appreciation of the use of relationship in all encounters – for professionals in any field
  • An intensive appreciation of emotional intelligence for those whose work requires it
  • A general appreciation of emotional intelligence for those who would benefit from it

The background for this work is that there is a significant lack of these skills in many areas of mental health, care and teaching of children, other personal development work, and more generally in managing and treating people in a compassionate and suitably sensitive way. Over some years, the professionals involved in this CIC have developed a format of training that is adaptable for a wide range of settings and participants. Click on button for a booking form. LLE Booking Form

Forthcoming events

  • Tue – Thu, 14-16 September 2021,  for therapeutic communities and enabling environments
  • Fri – Sun, 11-13 March 2022, for therapeutic communities and enabling environments
  • Fri – Sun,  1-3 April 2022, on personality disorders as part of course starting March 2022 (contact us for more details)
  • Tue – Thu, 13-15 September 2022,  for therapeutic communities and enabling environments (dates to be confirmed)

We have some presentations and research papers available for download – click on button to access these! L&L Downloads Staff Member

Aldo Lombardo, Anando ChatterjiGian Carlo Decimo, Jan Lees,  João G. Pereira, Neil Palmer, Rex Haigh, Sandra Kelly, Sarah Tucker, Sheena Money, Steve Pearce, Sue PauleyVeronica Bailey

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